MYO Guide 2

created by Make Your Own
For activity 1 on Make Your Own on Yoto, we learned how to link this audio guide from the Yoto app to one of your blank cards so you can play it in a Yoto player or Yoto mini Now, the great thing is that you can put any audio in the Yoto App onto a Make Your Own card, and so for activity 2 we are going to do just that and link one of your bought Yoto cards to a Make Your Own card - to make a copy of it - that you can use within your family. This is super handy for if you misplace one of your Yoto cards down the side of the couch, or if two kids want to listen to the same thing at the same time, on two different Yoto players! You will need: the Yoto App, a Make Your Own card, and your player.
1. Make a copy of a Yoto Card02:13